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i dont usually post stuff like this or even follow politics at all, but if this stuff is true, then thats just funny. but mostly sad. and kind of interesting too. so yea:
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Sean needs a copy of Silent Hill for the PS1. Does anyone have one he could have or borrow? If you don't have it yourself, do you know anyone who does? Please let me know I would really really appreciate it, and so would Sean. Thanks!

Apr. 9th, 2006

i was in a bad mood at rocky last night, but one thing managed to make me laugh my ass off. im sitting there talking to sean and a skinny, long-haired asian boy named ryan randomly leaps onto sean's back (saying "wheeee") and then proceeds to smack sean's ass and yell "woo, giddyup, giddyup". so. very. funny. improved my night the slightest little bit. but other then that i had a pretty crappy night. was not happy at all.

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i started a selling journal...


i'll add more stuff and make it prettier soon. but i need to go to bed right now. tell your friends!

HEY - Anyone wanna help me out??

ok, so heres the deal: GSU is closing their jewelry program, and the nearest school offering that program is UGA which is just a little too far for me. SCAD offers jewelry, too. SCAD is opening a campus in atlanta, but initially they are not offering a jewelry program. BUT, they have a survey thing to see what programs people would like to see offered at the atlanta campus. filling it out might also be requesting information on the school, but you guys could just throw that away if you get any. ive filled it out myself and all they do is maybe send you a catalog or a post card, they don't send you all kinds of junk or anything. they may not even do that if you dont request it, but i did. but yea, it would be really awesome if any of you would go fill this out for me and for the question about rating the top programs you would like to see offered at scad-atlanta, put "Jewelry Design and Metalsmithing" in the 'other' section.

PLEASE fill it out for me, it would mean so much to me! im really really desperate about this.



Hey, will you guys please help me out with an assignment and do this survey for me? Its pretty short, and i only need yes or no answers. pleeeeeeeeeeease help, it would make me very very happy and stuff. :)

1)a. Do you notice the rapidly growing Hispanic population in Georgia?

b. Does it bother you at all?

2) Do you think crime rates are higher in predominantly Hispanic neighborhoods?

3) Do you think illegal immigration of Hispanics should be more strictly controlled or punished?

4)a. Do you think it is a good idea to use Hispanic men as day-laborers?
b. Do you think this is a large contributor for them coming to Georgia?

thanks to anyone who can help me out.

*EDIT* I just realized that maybe some people don't want to be known, so im going to take the friends only thing off this one entry so's you can reply anonymously if you want. I need as many replies as i can get by tuesday night. Thanks again everyone!

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