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dragon con

anyone know what time the lines open saturday morning if one were to buy a saturday only membership?

oh. em. gee.

i just can't stop watching...really, my brain told my hand to change the video at least 5 times during, and my hand just didn't listen. it wouldn't. it was paraliyzed by it.

if anyone is thinking of getting a dog, this is the dog you need to get (please ignore me being a super-dork with my baby/dog-talk in the background):

His name is Emmett, obviously. He isn't adoptable right NOW because he is getting over kennel cough but he will be soon. He is the coolest dog.

He's on their page here about 2/3 of the way down the page:
i dont think i've ever embedded a video without a cut but this deserves it:


buying something from amazon.com?

so...is anyone buying something from amazon.com in the near future?

want to help someone out? go through this site:

oh and i'm not trying to sell you something

it is an amazon site, and you are still buying from amazon.com, but if you go through this site you are helping my mom make a little bit of money, and she needs money.

it does NOT cost extra, you won't get spammed with calls or emails, its just my moms website, because she is trying to make some extra cash. if you are going to buy something from amazon.com anyway, why not help someone out in the process? PLEASE :) and if you know people who shop amazon.com a lot, let them know about it. thanks you guys!

pirate gear

Anyone have any pirate loot or swag they would be willing to donate for the pirate gathering at dragon con? either that or ideas would be nice too. So far I'm making little bitty pirate flags, getting a treasure chest, and hopefully constructing a ships helm.

Any good idea's floating around in someones head for further decoration/party favor ideas for a pirate party? help and advice is much appreciated =D

Eclipse prom!

This is a picture post, mostly. They are thumbnails behind the cut but there are a lot of them plus captions so i was kind and put them behind a cut. here we go!
Eclipse Prom pictures and the making of Collapse )
sean's 4 year old nephew is out there wearing a jersey, a du-rag, and singing "meet me at the club, its going down" and he knows a lot of the words.
every now and then his niece, she's 1.5 or 2, will join in with a "meet me at the club" or a "yea yea"

This is some info for the people going to london for spring break-
London CallingCollapse )