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This is some info for the people going to london for spring break-

Just giving you guys some info. I read on the website that we have to have the total amount for the trip paid 70 days before the departure date, so i got real discouraged because that would mean we would have to come up with about $1300 in 3 1/2 months. BUT...i have been emailing with this lady at the company and she said that "there are exceptions to every rule". this is her email:

"The full payment is normally due 70 days prior to departure. However, there are always exceptions to rules. As long as you have a significant amount of the trip paid by the 70 day deadline we could extend it for you and your friends. This is something that we could work out later. However, since money is an issue you only have until tonight at midnight to put the deposit down and secure the current price before it goes up!!! We will be in touch!!"

So i did some figuring. and if we each save AT LEAST $75 per week (or $150 every two weeks, if you get paid biweekly) from September 18th to December 18th, we will have most of the money paid ($1050). Now, I know that christmas is involved and it could be an issue. But if you start saving a little bit for christmas now, or even shopping a little bit for christmas, then you should still be able to save the $75 per week with no problems. Also, some of you should keep in mind that you may get some monies for christmas from your family or whatever. And if you happen to have a birthday between now and then *coughpandapantscough* you may get some money for your birthday too. And some of us will also be getting refunds from our schools from financial aid. not all but some. i probably won't, lol. but still, if you do, that could help out a LOT.

But back to the figuring. after December 18th (btw im figuring by mondays cuz thats when I get paid but it should still average out to the same even if you get paid on fridays or whatever.) The 70-day deadline is saturday December 23 so just figure it out yourself if you are worried or whatever. So after that deadline there should be another 10 paychecks, which means that if you ONLY want to have enough money for the trip, then you only need to save $25 per week until the departure date (03/03/07). But I'm sure most of you would like to have spending money for booze(18 is legal there!) and food and souveniers and whatever the hell else you would want. So I would recommend you continue saving the $75 per week, because that would give you about $500 to play with across the pond. But that's entirely up to you.

what else....OH! if we have 8 people go, then the 9th person is free. So if we get a 9th person to go and obviously they would still have to pay, we would just divide that up, so we each save another $150(give or take). Right now, the cost flying from atlanta for this trip is $1351. (gah just looked it up again and i have been figuring $1300, sorry guys. but the price went up from yesterday, it was $1274 then, eep!) Anyway, this price WILL keep going up the more time that passes, so as soon as you have $150, you need to go to this website and book this trip so you can get that price before it goes up again. Once you put down your deposit, that is the price you pay, it won't change once you have paid that deposit.

i will continue to email the lady at the company over the next few months, so if any of you have any questions about anything, let me know and i will ask her. i already have a list that me panda and brandon wrote up wednesday night. i just wanted to ask about the payments before we went any further into this because if we can't afford it then we can't go :) hehe.

SO for those of you who have no idea what this trip is all about, here is the website:

A summary for those of you who can't/don't feel like going to the website:
6 days in London, England.
Departure date: 03/03/07 (Spring Break, bitches!)
Round-trip airfare
Welcome dinner
Breakfasts daily
EF Tour Director
Walking tour
Guided sightseeing tour
Entrances to select attractions
3-day Tube pass

Most of us who are *planning* to go so far are georgia state students, so we have chosen the departure date of 03/03/07 because that is exactly when our spring break starts. for anyone else who does not go to GSU but would like to go, check your school's calendar and see if it all works out. if not, you can just skip school :) lol. no not really, don't do that... but if there are a few people who can't make that date, you guys could make your own group and just go on a different week! there is a list of departure dates on that website. For the hotel, it is 3-4 people per room. There are still some questions we have about the hotel situation that we haven't asked yet.

I think that's it for now. Anyone who is *planning* on going please keep in touch with me so i can keep in touch with this lady at the company and let her know how many are in our group.

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